Re: Deutschland vs. Sakartvelo

From: Przemysław Ziobrowski
Message: 58147
Date: 2008-04-28

Young padawan Arnaud ta nugatu-r:

>> Where was that "eastern place" exactly? Kazakhstan? Proto-Kartvelians
>> tribes lived in more or less the same area as their descendants today, so
>> there any PK loanwords into PG would be impossible.

> I would locate proto-Germanic in the barycenter of Proto-URalic,
> KArtvelian, Yenissei, Tibetan and Tocharian.

Where's this center of gravity specifically? Is location of the PG
homeland a secret?

> I have not stated that LWs from Kartvelian into Proto-Germanic had no
> intermediary go-between languages. This is something you added.

Nope, I didn't. Your words:

"[...] I think Germanic originates in a (eastern) place where LWs from
Kartvelian [...] are possible."

>>> zoGwa >> zGar "sea" > sajwa

>> Proto-Kartvelian >> Mod. Georgian [+wrong word] > Proto-Germanic -- the
>> only example worth mentioning

> How do you account for it ?

I don't have explanation. I just like it, somehow.

>>> zGarbi "hedgehog" >> Igel

>> Mod. Georgian >> Mod. German -- zGap'ruli!

> You have created that confusion about zGapruli.

You don't get sarcasm, do you? For the second time: _zGap'ruli_ means
'fantastic, improbable'.

> I mentioned zaG "arrow" as a possible etymology of zGarbi "hedgehog"

What language is _zaG_ from?

>>> saxli "house" >> sal

>> Mod. Georgian >> unknown language -- did you mean German _Saal_??
>> Besides, Proto-Kartvelian probably didn't have the initial _s_.

> You have not provide *anything* to substantiate your last sentence which
> is just blowing in the wing. not to mention that "probably" looks ugly
> as a refutation.

This "probably" cames from the ToB where the root is given as *_(s)a-xl_.
If Klimov or Fähnrich (or whoever made that reconstruction) hadn't doubts
about that, he wouldn't use the parentheses (and the hyphen). If you wanna
refute it, be my guest.

>> By the way, the ToB's PK reconstruction (*_daq-_ ~ _dqa-_) is obviously
>> wrong. Here's my three-minute proper reconstruction:

>> root *_doXa_ 'a neolithic animal with two horns and goatee'
>> PK *_doXa_ > _dXa_ > _tXa_ > Georgian, Mingrelian, Laz _txa_
>> PK *_doXa_ > _doX_ > _daX_ > Svan _daq_
>> This PK root is obviously related to PIE _dhugH2-tér_ 'goat-er'.

> Obviously related.... LOL Bar-counter etymology.

Bwahahahahahahahahah... Loughing out loud, yes, but on my side. I was
being s a r c a s t i c. I made the whole "reconstruction" up á la mode
de crackpot as I went along .

> Stop Zubrowska.

Who's Zubrowska and why should we be stopping _her_?

>> I failed to find _zaG_ in Georgian and failed to find it in the ToB
>> North Caucasian database. What language is it from?

> Are you really a specialist of KArtvelian and Caucasic ?

I'm really a specialist of crackpots and crackpottery.

May the force be with you!

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