Re: Magyar uveg <-> Romanian uiag&

From: fournet.arnaud
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Date: 2008-04-27

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>Stop forever ignoring the most striking thing here: the stress falls on
>the second syllable in uiaga, and only on the second. Never on the
>first syllable. At least in the contemporary/modern phase of *my*
>subdialect. Whereas in Hungarian the stress must fall on /ü/, namely
>the first syllable. A stress on the last syllable is not possible in
>Hungarian (it is possible in... Turkish).
So what ?
Any LW into Hungarian shall hence have stress on the first,
whatever it was before.

>I repeat: we do not know how old üveg
>and uiaga are, we do not know if each of these words had previous
>forms and how these looked like. (
So what ?
We don't know what <father> was before 500AD.

>Trust me as the real native-speaker, born and raised in that region:
>uiaga stands for *uveagä /u-'vea-gä, u-'vja-gä/.
Dear Trust-worthy native,
How do you derive uveaga, üveg, iveg, éveg out of Ossetic avg ?
I suppose this is not Semitic,
We cannot change the vocalic scheme.