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Date: 2008-04-27

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> (chapter) 27 De morte Gelu
> (.......) Et pugnatum est inter eos acriter, sed
> uicti sunt milites
> ducis gelou, et ex eis multi interfecti, plures uero
> capti. Cum gelou
> dux eorum hoc uidisset, tunc pro defensione uite,
> cum paucis fugam
> cepit. Qui cum fugeret, properans ad castrum suum
> iuxta fluuim zomus
> positum, milites tuhutum audacj cursu persequentes,
> ducem geloum iuxta
> fluuium copus interfecerunt. Tunc habitatores terre
> uidentes mortem
> domini sui, sua propria uoluntate dextram dantes,
> dominum sibi
> elegerunt tuhutum patrem horca. Et in loco illo, qui
> dicitur esculeu
> fidem cum iuramentu firmauerunt.
> Et a die illo locus ille nuncupatus est esculeu eo
> quod ibi
> iurauerunt.

****GK: Is this the Gelou "duke of Vlachs and Slavs"?
If so, there is a bit of information about the event
which predates Anonymous by some 84 years or
thereabouts. I wrote an article about it in the
Bukovyns'kyj Zhurnal (1994) ["The Romanian question in
the light of the Tale of Bygone Years", The Bukovynian
Journal, 1995, n. 3-4, pp. 97-119. (In Ukr.) Reviewed
in The Bukovynian Journal (1997), n. 1, pp. 150-151.
The B.J. is a publication of the University of
Chernivtsi in Ukraine]

The basic thesis of the article is that the "Vlach and
Slav" princedom conquered by the "Black" Ugrians ca.
898-> was located in Transylvania, and was an
autonomous component of the Bulgarian state, perhaps
established in the time of Krum, after the collapse of
Avar power there. The information about the "Black
Ugrian" conquest was an addition by Sylvester to
Nestor's original text. It implied that the ruler of
the territory was a Vlach (no name given),that he
ruled over both Vlachs and Slavs, and that the
victorious "Ugrians" chased the Vlach aristocrats from
the land. While only mentioning Ugrians and Slavs
thereafter(as nobility) Sylvester does not deny the
continuance of Vlach commoners in the land.****

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