Re: Djilas

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 57878
Date: 2008-04-23

--- In, "tolgs001" <george_st@...> wrote:
> >Of course is not Iulius because yu > gj of Proto-Albanian is ended
> >end-of-the-Roman Period
> >
> > So in sec. X any Semi-Romanized-Albanoid named Iulius would have
> >been already Gyula
> Give up these non sequitur speculations! Those ethnic Turk regional
> kagans living in the 11th century, and ruling from Alba Iulia, did
> have the Latin name Iulius. This was the mere pseudo-translation
> (an adaption) of their names, whose real pronunciation we do not
> know. We can only assume, based on knowledge of old Turkish of
> the Oguz kind (corroborated with what has been written by con-
> temporary Byzantine, Arab, Persian chroniclers, such as Constantin,
> Simocatta, Kekaumenos, Kedrenos, ibn Fadlan, Masudi, Gardezi,
> ibn Rusta, who left precious informations on those precarious
> ever changing Turkish tribal configurations), that in their native
> tongue they might have pronounced something like Yula or Gila.

Can you quote at least One Author that talk about Turkic Rulers ('of
of the Oguz kind") in Alba Iulia in the X Century?

I bet in advance with you that you cannot quote somebody....:)