Re: Magyar uveg <-> Romanian uiag&

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 57849
Date: 2008-04-22

--- In, "fournet.arnaud"
> >So an Ossetic a for a Hung ü is completly irregular
> ----------------------------------------------------
> >Osset. avg "glass" - Hung. üveg "glass";
> >Also I couldn't find a Hungarian /ü/ loaned from an /a/ of any
> >language ...
> ============

> Indeed ü < a in Hungarian looks hard to get,
> üveg < *uvink/*ovink looks possible.
> Arnaud

BUT The Ossetic word considered as the source of the Hungarian one
is /avg/ < */apaka:/

So there is no word *uvink/*ovink...
From where you reconstruct it, as a 'bottle (glass)'?

> ==========
> > Rom. ujag& > OldHung. uj-wa-ga [uj>ü, w>v, a>e] > Hung. ü-ve-g
> >Marius
> =======
> The sequence uj "new" exists in Hungarian and seems stable.
> Arnaud
> ==========

I agree that could be an issue this one, but not so big as a- > ü-.

Maybe my supposed (added) -w- is not correct above.
If the original form was u-ya-(g&) we need to count for the output
of a Hungarian sequence *u-y'a- or *u-y'e (a>e being regular at least
in Hungarian loans).
*u-y'a- or *u-y'e 'is not quite the same' with uj