Gunji inscription

From: kishore patnaik
Message: 57836
Date: 2008-04-22

Dear all,  
Gunji in erstwhile Bilaspur district of Uttarpradesh, India boasts of the longest and perhaps the earliest inscription in Brahmi. The inscription repeatedly says that 1000 cows were donated to Brahmins by the ministers of King Kumar Vira Datta Sri(popularly known as Kumar Vasant
The place of this inscirption is called Rishabh Teerth   the donations were made in 5th and 8th   years of rule.
These aspects are mentioned by L P Pandey in his Maha Kosala kaumudi(compiled in 1966. By the time of publication, this inscription was not read fully.
the group may post further details if any.
kishore patnaik