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From: fournet.arnaud
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Date: 2008-04-19

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>> I have no idea if there is any such versification problem in Rg Veda
>>or not.

>Yes, there are. I may be wrong in details, as my knowledge is second
>1. As Piotr has remarked several times, the first syllable of
>_duhita:_ 'daughter' is long by position. The explanation is that in
>open syllables a vocalic laryngeal had resolved itself into consonant
>plus vowel, only for the consonant to subsequently vanish leaving just
>2. In verbs, an apparently short open vowel before the thematic vowel
>is long in position. I am not sure about the relative frequency of
>this phenomenon - always, usually or sometimes? This has been used as
>evidence that the PIE subjunctive and thematic present morpheme was
>*h1e rather than merely *e.

That's worth digging and investigating for more.