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> Dear all,
> I think it is time we maintain some decorum on this group and ban
> all non academic issues such as abusing others, discussing
> personalities, questioning the credentials and so on.
> Let us assume that I post on dating on MBh, saying that the event
> has occured in 3000 bce,

Based on IEL theory alone Mahabharata cannot be that old. The
linguistic dating of Rig Veda (which is clearly older than the date of
the War itself or its currently available recorded version) is based
on Hittite inscriptions dated to around 1700 BCE, Vedic Sanskrit being
younger than Hittite. What about the tradition that dates Rig Veda
about 4500 BCE or earlier?

"Thus my (Kumar's) point is that despite the first written evidence of
Anatolian langauges being only1700 BCE, they too like the Vedas were
spoken millenia before documentation."

"Thus Sanskrit may be the oldest Indo-European langauge, but Hittite
broke away from Proto Indo-Hittie much before anitquity."

M. Kelkar

Since when do you think Sanscrit or Vedic Sanscrit has been spoken,
under the phonetic and morphology form that we know it to be ?
Before Present - 3000, - 4000, - 5000, more,