Ban all non academic discussions

From: Kishore patnaik
Message: 57646
Date: 2008-04-19

Dear all,

I think it is time we maintain some decorum on this group and ban
all non academic issues such as abusing others, discussing
personalities, questioning the credentials and so on.

Let us assume that I post on dating on MBh, saying that the event
has occured in 3000 bce, there is not a single post that logically
discusses the acceppted main stream thoughts - no one even discusses
the language and dating of composition of MBh (which is obviously
much much later to the event itself!)

Similarly, there is a huge difference between the original Mbh
(called Jayam) and the Mbh of today's version, compiled mostly by
Ugrasravas,a bard of probably south India. However, linguistically,
there is no post discussing the difference.

Instead of writing nonsensical rebuttals, which will not take us
anywhere, I expect academic rebuttals, which certainly require some
kind of patience and hard work on the part of the linguists here. I
crave such obligations from my friends here.

i am appalled.

Kishore patnaik