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From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 57645
Date: 2008-04-19

--- In, "david_russell_watson" <liberty@...>
> --- In, "ROGER MILLS" <rfmilly@> wrote:
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> > I voted to continue, as well, though not for those reasons;
> > simply as a protest against an offensive poll.
> Ah, so you do protest against what you find offensive then?
> I find it strange that you've never found anything posted by
> Mr. Ryan sufficiently offensive to protest, as when he said
> I was of low breeding and that my family's name came from a
> garbage can, or when he alluded to my female relatives. Did
> you truly not find the likes offensive, Roger? I'd really
> like to see what would do you if subjected to the same.
> You've apparently thought it fit to ignore all the while all
> of Mr. Ryan's abuse of myself and others, only to step in to
> protest after I retaliate.
> > If a post offends thee, hit the delete button. If in digest
> > mode, scroll past it. It's easy. I do it a lot.
> Well of course, but then we have to wonder why you didn't just
> hit the delete button on the announcement of my poll yourself,
> or just scroll past it, as you're recommending others do with
> Mr. Ryan's posts.
> Instead you found it, even though never anything that preceded
> and provoked it, sufficiently offensive to at long last feel a
> need to protest something.
> Well, though you're a little late coming, welcome to the picket
> line anyway, Roger!
> David
> P.S. If you find this message at all offensive, Roger, please
> feel free to delete it, or scroll past it.

david go and protest with some of yours outside your house but not
here.......this is not a forum to publish left-wings ideologies...

AGAIN FOR THE MODERATORS: ===> Why the message above is not
moderated? Show me at list one linguistic idea in the above message

There is none.....and is still here well and safe....