Re: Implications of Bangani

From: stlatos
Message: 57600
Date: 2008-04-18

As I was planning to discuss Bangani in relation to (I believe) its
closest relatives like Khowar, Nuristani, Burushaski, etc., I found this:

--- In, "Piotr Gasiorowski" <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> Bangani is a Western Pahari language, closely related to a number of
modern Indo-Aryan languages spoken in India, Nepal and Pakistan. No
"centum language", dead or extant, has ever been discovered in those
parts, but the substratal vocabulary apparently borrowed from a centum
language and preserved in Bangani looks interesting. As H.H. Hock
points out, both Tocharian and Greek can be ruled out as its sources,
so the tantalising possibility remains that there were once upon a
time other "lost tribes" speaking non-Satem varieties of IE.

Is there any evidence that this is a substratum within another
language instead of native words in a non-Indic, non-Ir language that
was fairly heavily influenced by Indic recently?

Though the "centum" words have drawn the most attention, they are
certainly not the only words showing unusual (non-Indic) features, and
the oddities are so varied and scattered throughout both basic and
other vocabulary it seems impossible they are borrowings.

contrastive tone system like atsHaareetáa

r.n. > r.

khowàr purà; Ban por.- 'full'

a/o > a > A > O

*ghLakYtY > lOktO 'milk'

*ghospti+s > gOsti 'guest, foreigner'

O > E before pal. sonor.

*xargYro+ > *ArYkrA+ > ErkO 'shining'

*xWorYk(o)n.+ > L ricinus, Ban *OrYnk+ > E~rkO 'louse, flea'

retention of e

*gWexYtu+ > getu 'resin'

*user. 'your'
*t(w)e+ >> *te(se)r. > tesr- / ter- 'thy'

r. C n > r. n C

*xWorYk(o)n.+ > L ricinus, Ban *OrYnk+ > E~rkO 'louse, flea'

r. KY > rY K

*xargYro+ > *ArYkrA+ > ErkO 'shining'

KY L > K Ly

*gYLo:v+ > *gLyo:w+ > *dlya:m+ > dlya:n. 'sister-in-law'

KY > r. / V_u

*bhn,gYhu+ > *bar.u+ > bOr- 'much, many'

*dekYm, > *dYorum > Bur torum '10'

w > r. / V_u

*gWovu+s > goru 'cow'

w > p / #_

*wodo:r. -n.+ > *mAdn.o: > pan.i 'water'

w > m

*gYheu+ 'pour'
*gYhou+C > gOi- 'sacrifice'
*gYhow+V > gOm- 'sacrifice'

*gYLo:v+ > *gLyo:w+ > *dlya:m+ > dlya:n. 'sister-in-law'

m > p / C-voice_

*swe+ > *xme+ > *axme+ > *akHpe+ > apkh- '-self'

*swer. > *xmer. > *axmer.o+ > *axmr.o+ *akHpn.o+ > apn.- / apr.- '() own'

x > -syl. between syllables

xs > kt

*dhew-x-syo+ > *douxsyo+ > *do:ktya+ > dukti 'soul, last breath'

*dhugYh-x-te:r. > *dukxte:r > *dukt+i: (fem.) > dukti 'daughter'