Re: Re[5]: [tied] Re: Finnish KASKI

From: Patrick Ryan
Message: 56131
Date: 2008-03-28

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At 4:25:07 AM on Friday, March 28, 2008, Patrick Ryan wrote:

> From: "Brian M. Scott" <BMScott@...>

>> At 9:58:55 AM on Thursday, March 27, 2008, Patrick Ryan
>> wrote:

>>> You have some of the most bizarre correspondences!

>>> PIE *t should be Egyptian <s>??????

>>> Show me that pair of regular correspondences in any two
>>> languages in the world.

>> OE <etan>, English <eat>, OHG <e33an>, NHG <essen>;
>> <læ:tan>, <let>, <la:33an>, <lassen>; <hwæt>, <what>,
>> <hwa3>, <was>; etc.

> Brian, it is not *t > *s but *s > *t.

You asked for a regular correspondence, not for a sound
change, and that's what I gave you. (And from my point of
view there is no 'it' here anyway: you and Arnaud are
playing in a macro-comparative Neverneverland.)



It should have been obvious (though evidently not to you) that what I was
disputing is whether any Nostratic phoneme could produce PIE *t and HEgy <s>
(also PAA *s).