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Date: 2008-03-28

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>Here is the complete data for your "monosyllabic" PFU
>stem 'house'(with some simplification of vowel translitteration):
>Finnish: kota (koti)
>Saami: goatte
>Ersä: kudo
>Moksha: kud
>Mari (mountain): kud@
>Mari (plain): kudo
>Permic (Udmurt): kwala, kowa, kwa, -ka
>Permic (Komi): kola, kë, këv, -kë, -ko, -ka, -ku
>Ostyak: kat, xot, xat
>Hungarian: ház

If I read Sammallahti correctly, an intervocalic stop
disappears in Permic, so *kota > *kua.

I see an extension in -l- appearing in a number of other
Permic words (e.g. *s'oma > s'umal- "worry", *s^oppa >
s^upal- "dry", *n'oma > nimal- "hare"), so perhaps the
-(a)la is secondary here.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal


Your examples are telling.

s'oma > s'umal
n'oma > nimal

o > either u or i.

Standard uralistics.