Re: Volcae and Volsci

From: george knysh
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Date: 2008-03-28

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> > Here's a little passage from Hubert's "Rise":
> >
> > "With regard to the Volc©¡, /cut for economy/

> Piotr has commented on the connection between Italic
> and Southern Poland:
> etc
> Btw, this argument connects a Germanic word with the
> Corded Ware culture.
> What are your comments?
> Torsten

****GK: Hubert has a long chapter in "Rise" on the
position of Celtic in IE and its various connections,
which I haven't read yet (scrolling through I see that
he cites Meillet and d'Arbois frequently). The
Volcae/Volsci item was from another context. If there
is a connection between Italy's Veneti and Baltic
Venedi (plus the Breton group?) perhaps it is very
old. Older than the mid-millennium BCE. Hubert thinks
that Celtic groups played a role as intermediaries in
the amber trade from the time of their big expansion
if not earlier, which does not mean the
"Venetic/Venedic" role did not exist at the
extremities. As for Corded Ware I've always thought it
was the carrier of some rather ancient set of IE
dialects, including whatever evolved into

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