Re: Kossack's Conclusions

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2008-03-20

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> > To get back to your question: I can't find anyting
> > about the end of
> > the Wetterau incursion in Peschel.
> > The only reference I've been able to find to the end
> > of the Wetterau
> > Przeworsk is from Hachmann, here:
> >
> ****GK: "Before the end of the 1rst c. BCE" suggests a
> period around 20 BCE at the latest, perhaps sooner.
> Could one think that for H. the Thuringian Przeworsk
> disappeared not very much later, say around the end of
> the century (if he only mentions "Elbe Germanic" as of
> 1 CE ->)? ****


> > As for the Thuringian Przeworsk culture:
> > Immediately north of the new temporary Augustean
> > Limes
> >
> >
> > lived the Chatti
> >
> > the target of Roman incursions
> ****GK: Should we hold that all the Przeworsk
> intrusions were in the Chattic area? I thought
> Thuringia wasn't.****

The inhabitants of Thuringia must have been the Hermunduri. The Chatti
sound more old school, with connections to all kinds of splinter and
relic groups to the Northwest, cf.

They clashed in 58 CE , 13.57
According to this
some Hermunduri were relocated by L. Domitius Ahenobarbus in 1 BCE
into the area around Main which had been abandoned by the Marcomanni, cf , 108
Velleius Paterculus places the Hermunduri at the Elbe (above URL,
106); note BTW that he sees the Langobardi, (ie. Jastorf /
Elbe-Germani) as another people than the Germani (above URL, 106).
Perhaps the Marcomanni were the Wetterau Przeworsk; in any case the
latter must have been more or less identical to those who continued to
the Main plain in the first expansion.

Provisional conclusion: The Wetterau Przeworsk were Marcomanni who
retreated from the Wetterau and the Main Plain to Bohemia to avoid the
campaigns of Drusus, Germanicus and Tiberius. Nice theory, only lacks
an explicit archaeological statement to support it. The fact that
V.P., above, 109 places Maroboduus and the Marcomanni outside of
Germania must have to do with the fact that this was the first
Germanic-speaking political entity in the region south of the Main
(and the Chatti then weren't).