Re[3]: [tied] Re: dhuga:ter

From: Brian M. Scott
Message: 55572
Date: 2008-03-20

At 3:57:58 PM on Thursday, March 20, 2008, fournet.arnaud


> Mister Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

> You are supposed to be
> a reliable serious IE expert.
> You claim you read Martinet
> and you wrote "I wouldn't be surprised..."

> I have to contradict you once again,
> No, this is not true,
> it's obvious you did not read him,

I doubt it. Can you quote a passage in which Martinet
explains what led him to investigate laryngeal hardening?
If not, then Miguel's 'I wouldn't be surprised' comment says
absolutely nothing about whether he's read Martinet or not.


> You're making a fool of yourself.

*Someone* certainly is ...