Res: Re: [tied] Marduk = Marut = Marutash ?

From: Joao S. Lopes
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Date: 2008-03-19

What I meant to discuss in my post was just the origin of this supposed similarities.
Would be Marut a substratal pre-Indo-Aryan god? Would be Marduk an adstratal, substratal or superstratal non-Sumerian god? Was Cassite Marutash a superstratal Indo-Aryan god?
It seems that was a plethora of different warrior storm-gods in Mesopotamia: Marduk, Ninurta, Enlil. For me it must point that there was different strata. Maybe some of them were Indo-Iranian or Caucasian.

JS Lopes

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Dear Arnaud,

You are right in saying that there are about 800 scholars, perfectly sane
and knowledgeable.
The others did not talk because they have somehow started sensing that I
have something, may be "whacky" but somewhat sensible all the same behind my
anguish filled heckling.

I think you interpret too many things
in relation with your inner personal emotions.
Most of the time, most people are neutral
they care about something else
that means nothing for you
but means much for them.
This means most people about always
never *listen* to you.
They listen to themselves
Because they care about themselves
as priority number one.
I suppose you can get about
one minute a month of real
listening capacity from other people.
============ ==

The linguists, otherwise very honest and extremely friendly and balanced
(even more than some of my Indian friends) very unconsciously be little
India and most of the people,. including Indians and even perhaps, the
chauvinists do not seem to be aware of this.
The group seemed to have understood this,
Kishore patnaik


What is there to belittle (?) with India ?
India is among top three giants.
What should I say ?
France is big as a 25th of India.
We're a fly on an elephant !?
You sound depressed when
India has all within handreach to succeed !?



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