Re: Re[2]: [tied] Latin -idus as from dH- too

From: fournet.arnaud
Message: 55368
Date: 2008-03-17

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From: Brian M. Scott

> The root for 'protect (probably, closer to 'challenge
> danger by advancing to the front')' is clearly *po:(H)-
> not *pa:(H)-.
> *pa:(H)-, 'herder, leader to pasture, provider'

What makes this clear? If there actually are two roots
here, Gk. <pô:u> and <poimé:n> 'a shepherd' would seem to
point the other way. Given the close semantic connections
among 'protect', 'herd', and 'nourish', it seems much easier
to see a single root *peh2- with o-grade *poh2-. (And in
the other direction I believe that Hittite /pahs-/ 'to
protect' tends to suggest *peh2-, not *peh3-.)


Apart from semantics,
I have a problem with
the sequence H2-t
which I consider should not exist
at an early stage of PIE
But it's a problem only for me.
Same problem with brâter, mâter,
dhugh2°ter is ok.

I have wondered if
Bhrâter and dhugH2°ter
could not be analysed as
bh_r "bear a child"
H2_t "child"
dheug(h) "useful ?"