Re: Latin -idus as from dH- too

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Date: 2008-03-16

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On 2008-03-16 10:20, alexandru_mg3 wrote:

> Another word for Piotr an Miguel is Skt a:ti' 'duck' < *h2nh2-t'i
> (accented on final i)

And what does the full grade of Gmc. *an&ð- and Balto-Slavic *anHt-
suggest to you? My interpretation of Miguel's suggestion is that the
"preaspirated" allophone of *t arose at a historical stage in the
development of PIE when thematic *-ó- was inherently accented and
*-i-/*-u- were inherently unaccented. Accented *-tí- is a secondary
development (though of course of PIE date).



It's hard to believe that
*h2nh2-ti > a:ti
*strH2mn > stari:-man

in the same language.

In view of :
Latin H2enH2t
Greek stro:ma
And H2neH2t forms
which shows a full vowel
could appear anywhere in the skeleton.