Re: Torsten's theory reviewed

From: george knysh
Message: 55262
Date: 2008-03-15

Torsten wrote:

> > > "Suebi" is a
> > > large ethnic identifier. It refers to all
> > > populations east of the Chatti, Chauci, and
Cimbri. It
> > > is a label, as Tacitus states, which applies to
> > > than one "nation", indeed to more than one half
> > > "Germania".
> >
> > Yup. It is a confederation. And at Tacitus' time
> > has grown to that size.
> GK: Surely you can't mean this.

But I do.

****GK: And I think I know why(:=))).****

> Whatever Tacitus'
> "Suebians" were, they were not, all together at
> a political community (nor indeed, all together, a
> cult community). Anyone who reads through the
> sects.39 to 45 can see this immediately.

How? Because they are different? So are the states of

****GK: No. Because the statements of Tacitus clearly
indicate that the Langobardi, Hermunduri, Harii,
Gotones, Suiones, to name but these, cannot
conceivably be part of any confederation a la

> Tacitus does
> recognize some religious associations among some of
> his "Suebians", but there is nothing "global",not
> the hair style(!cf. sect,.39) "Suebia" is a purely
> geographical conception (?)****

I don't think it was a confederation about hairstyles.
It was about
some political aim.

****GK: When did you last read Snor... oops I mean
Tacitus? The hairstyle is the first thing that he
mentions (and adds that it is imitated by non
-Suebians). What political aim would these "Suebians"


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