Re: PIE meaning of the Germanic dental preterit

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 54196
Date: 2008-02-26

On 2008-02-26 23:13, alexandru_mg3 wrote:

> I already quoted the inscription Brian in one of my previous messages:
> "69. Novling Fibula (around 200)
> bidawarijaR talgidai
> "
> I also added that the text was confirmed by Other Scholars too.
> It would be better to read all the messages first, before to ask
> yourself:
> "I wonder whether that's the chape whose inscription is read
> mariha aala makija"

Brian is absolutely right. He meant the Vimose sword-chape inscription,
not the one you had quoted. Since Antonsen's reading of <mariha> as a
preterite (+<marida(i)>) seems to have been wrong, that reduces the
number of examples of <-dai> to two at best and I still have my doubts
about one of them (but have no access to Antonsen right now). <talgidai>
from the Nøvling fibula is at any rate the only example quoted in
discussions of the Germanic weak preterite.