Re[8]: [tied] Re: Finnish KASKA

From: Brian M. Scott
Message: 54189
Date: 2008-02-26

At 1:42:13 PM on Tuesday, February 26, 2008, Patrick Ryan

> From: "Brian M. Scott" <BMScott@...>

>>> Where definition #1 and definition #2 contradict each
>>> other,

>> They don't. The second is a natural extension of the first,
>> so natural that in particular instances it can be rather
>> hard to draw the line between them: 'take as an axiom' >
>> 'assume for the sake of argument' > 'suggest as a possible
>> basis/explanation for something'.

> It may be hard for you to draw the line but it is not for
> me.

> They are contradictory, in my opinion.

Then I'm not likely to give your opinion about such matters
much weight.

> What is "normal" today with America's sabotaged
> educational system is not normal for sane people in the
> rest of the uninfected world.

Or your opinion of the world's educational systems.
Fortunately, they're completely off-topic, something of
which I'll also ask Rick to take note.

> I am well aware of sloppy usage int his word and in many
> others.

No doubt you'll soon be telling us that the only proper
meaning of 'quiz' is 'an eccentric person'.

> In all this, you never once thought to ask Ray what he
> intended by 'posit', did you?

Of course not: his was a perfectly normal, acceptable usage,
entirely understandable in context.