Re: Yayati-Madhavi Aietes-Medeia

From: Rick McCallister
Message: 54183
Date: 2008-02-26

Can you give us the meanings of the names?
I'm guessing Eochaid has something to do with "horses"
and Medb with "mead, sweetness and intoxication".
Correct me on this.
I seem to remember something about Aieetes referring
to "eagle" but that was many years ago and in a
popular book.

--- "Joao S. Lopes" <josimo70@...> wrote:

> It could be just a coincidence, but it seems that
> there is a link between Indian pair king-daughter
> Yayati-Madhavi and Greek Aieetes-Medeia. What do you
> think?
> Aieetes was a king of Aia, near Colchis, but their
> traits are more mythic than geographically
> realistic. Maybe Greeks picked this from some
> Mitanni source? Eochaid-Medb could be related too..
> JS Lopes
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