Re: Przeworsk as the genesis of Germanic

From: tgpedersen
Message: 54125
Date: 2008-02-25

> > Ariovist's campaign in the Wetterau, later arrivals
> > from the east into Thuringia (maybe I should ask permission to use
> > that word), expansion down the Elbe (Jastorf is replaced by
> > Elbe-Germanic), expansion into Denmark (Celtic or Pre-Roman Iron
> > Age is replaced by Roman Iron Age),

and a parallel expansion into NWBlock-land,

> > expansion to the Mälar area in Sweden (where I'm not familiar
> > with the archaeology) and to the coasts of Finland and
> > Estonia.
> ****GK: But the Goths were in place before this
> happened. Those active against Maroboduus in 19 CE
> were pre-Berig Wielbarkers, and "Germani" acc. to
> Tacitus.****

The Ariovist incident took place in 58 BCE. There is plenty of time.