Re: French izard (was :Re: e: [tied] Re: Finnish KASKA)

From: fournet.arnaud
Message: 54119
Date: 2008-02-25

Actually, Ishinan's attention to a possible Arabic source (?iza:r) seems
promising to me.
I first thought It was interesting.
In fact,
it's entirely wrong.

The root ?_z_r means "coat"
and the derivative
mu?azzara or ?izâr
does not mean "goat"
but "as if clad with
a black coat"
as is clearly explained in

It's like saying that "coat"
means "rain" because
rain-coat exists.
Absurdly flawed.

The only think left is
*&iz "goat".


> =============
> None of this word contradicts
> a pre-form &iz- "goat".
> Sometimes with reduplication.

> Hebrew &ez "goat"
> Arabic ma&iz "goat"
> Is an "exact phonological match" (your wording).

> Arnaud
> ============