Re: e: [tied] Re: Finnish KASKA

From: fournet.arnaud
Message: 54113
Date: 2008-02-25

words of this origin that we find both
(cf. isard ~ sàrri with (Lat) ibex ~ (Cast)
becerro "ibex/calf", (Lat) Ilerda ~ (Cat) Lleida "Lérida",
(Bsq/Iber) ibaika ~ (Cast) vega "valley") and the
alternation /rr/ ~ /rd/ (cf. isard ~ sàrri with (Cast)
izquierda ~ (Cat) esquerra, (Bsq) ezkerr "left", (Cast)
becerro ~ (Arag) bucardo "calf/ibex", (Cast) cerdo ~ (Bsq)
zerri "pig".
Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

This i-mobile is interesting.
Although your examples are dubious.

There is another word
which I had some trouble with :
Salmon i-zok-i
Pseudo-Celtic origin
That is to say paleo-european.

can be analysed as
zok < *laks "salmon"

Typical z < *l feature
Cf. ezpain < *lap?