Re: Meaning of Aryan: "mountain people"?!

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Date: 2008-02-13

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> H2_r mountain
> hence mountain people : ar-yo-

Gk. oros- 'mountain, height' < PIE *h3er-os, from the root *h3er-
'rise'. A further derivative of this PIE s-stem may be found in
Ved. r.s.-va 'elevated, high' < PIIr. *Hrs^ua-, probably from PIE
*h3rs-uo-. Compare Ved. ar- 'to put in motion, send, move (+acc.)
[act.]; to move, rise [med.]' < PIIr. *Har-, again from PIE *h3er-

I disagree with this melting-pot of mountain, rise and high.
mountain is H2.2_r [&ayin + r]
Greek is H2.2or-os
high is H2.1_l [?alif + l]
And I guess this "move" verb is H1_r (Pokorny)
No opinion about this root.

If all this is correct, there is no PIE root "H2_r"
meaning `mountain' --
it's not correct.
Greek oros `mountain',
Luwian ariyatt(i) `mountain'.
there is no Anatolian word "ar" for mountain;
You have just given Luwian !!
Anatolian is H2or > Luwian ari-yatti "mountainity"
there is no Proto-Indo-Iranian
word *ar- (vel sim.) for `mountain', so that *arya -- the common
self-designation of both the Vedic Indians and the Iranians -- did
not mean `highlanders' (nor, let me mention it by passing, did it
mean `high people': cf. Ved. `elevated, high', having an s-
stem which is absent in PIIr. *arya).
Arya word was created before indo-iranian existed.
It's inherited from PIE.