Re: Re[4]: [tied] Economic analysis of Indian History: meaning of Ar

From: Rick McCallister
Message: 52887
Date: 2008-02-12

That would require a knowledge of Egyptian-Arab
relations at that time. Were the ancient Arabs in the
Egyptian sphere of influence? Do we know enough to
even say? What did the Egyptians call the Arabs?

--- "fournet.arnaud" <fournet.arnaud@...>

> But there are people whose name is NOT central:
> Shawnee "southerners"
> Japanese "easterners"
> Choson (Korea) "morning calm" i.e. "the cool
> easterners"
> Maghreb al aqsa (Morocco) "the far west"
> Shariqah (Sharjah) "east"
> Norway "North Way"
> ============
> These examples fit in a situation where
> these people were involved in a more general culture
> where they received their name in reference
> to an outside source.
> I can see no reason why Arabs
> were involved in Egyptian culture.
> And therefore were named like that
> because they sided east to Egyptians
> It doesn't make sense.
> Arnaud
> ========================

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