Re: Anatolia as PIE's "embarkation spot" (WasRe: Re: Re[4]: [tied]

From: Rick McCallister
Message: 52882
Date: 2008-02-12

It would work if one assumes IE expansion is
synonymous with the spread of agriculture
A genetic glitch: J2, which IS seen as synonymous with
the spread of agriculture petered out (but did not die
out completely) at the Alps and the Carpathians
The Kurgans are associated with another genetic marker
So one would have to explain this somehow
Perhaps pre-proto-IE originated in Anatolia and
advanced into Europe with the spread of agriculture
and stalled in the Balkans. Perhaps its speakers then
mixed or were absorbed by another population who
adopted their language --somewhere at the N or E edge
of the Carpathians. This group developed horsemanship,
etc. and became the Kurgans
If so, wouldn't one expect something similar to the W?
Perhaps there were early offshoots of IE there which
were absorbed or which we see as IE-like vocabulary in
Basque and Etruscan
But I'm just speculating

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> > > I agree that the likeliest embarkation spot for
> > PIE's
> > > to Europe is Anatolia.
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> > ****GK: Could you summarize your reasons?****
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> In fact,
> I think Patrick (Ryan) wrote this.
> I agree with this statement but
> I let him answer first.
> Arnaud
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