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From: fournet.arnaud
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Date: 2008-02-11

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From: Rick McCallister

I'm intrigued about this root.
Here's what I found at "Rice" on Wikipedia.
I plead ignorance, so tell me why the Dravidian root
looks more like your putative IE root than the
Indo-iranian form does.

According to the Microsoft Encarta Dictionary (2004)
and the Chambers Dictionary of Etymology (1988), the
word rice has an Indo-Iranian origin. It came to
English from Greek óryza, via Latin oriza, Italian
riso and finally Old French ris (the same as present
day French riz).

It has been speculated that the Indo-Iranian vrihi
itself is borrowed from a Dravidian vari (< PDr.
*warinci)[6] or even a Munda language term for rice.
The Tamil name ar-risi may have produced the Arabic
ar-ruzz, from which the Portuguese and Spanish word
arroz originated.

Note 6. Krishnamurti, Bhadriraju (2003) The Dravidian
Languages Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN
0-521-77111-0 at p. 5.

If you search Starostin's dravidian,
*ar is rice
war is supposed to be a loanword form Austronesian.

Maybe ar is related to ?at?
Egyptian ?_t
Latin ad-or etc