Re: The meaning of life: PIE. *gWiH3w-

From: Patrick Ryan
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Date: 2008-02-11

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The reason I'm wary of 'producing' *k^, *k, *kW etc from *ki, *ka, *ku
is that I'd like to explore the option that *k^ had allomorphs *c^e-,
*ko-, *-xT- etc, and *kW had *ke-, *kWo-, *-xWT-, with later
generalization of one allomorph in various languages.



You are still riding Møller's Mule.

PIE *g(^)W and *k(^)W have nothing to do with *g(^)w and *k(^)w from *g(^)ew
and *k(^)ew.

The labiovelars developed from voiced and voiceless dorsal fricatives: [G]
and [x].

That is one reason I find it so hard to believe that *H was anything more
complex than [h].