Re: The meaning of life: PIE. *gWiH3w-

From: Patrick Ryan
Message: 52679
Date: 2008-02-11

Mr. Keene, tracer of lost vowels!

What does it take for you to understand that PIE *i comes from avocalic *y;
and PIE *u comes from avocalic *w.

Those are consonants.

In **wrigh- and *(w)rugh-, because of further suffixes, the root syllable is
in zero-grade (from *wreigh- and *(w)reugh-.

Therefore, it requires some special pleading to connect them.


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> There is no possible justification for a variant **righ- of *rugh-. It is
> not a question of "variant" vowels but rather different consonants: *y and
> *w.
> Patrick
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> The -i- vowel in Briza is a vowel
> and the -u- vowel in (w)rugh-yo is a vowel.
> And that's it.
> A vowel does not need to be justified as a vowel.
> Arnaud
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