Re: The meaning of life: PIE. *gWiH3w-

From: tgpedersen
Message: 52604
Date: 2008-02-10

--- In, "Patrick Ryan" <proto-language@...>
> Yes, this is what I believe also - almost.
> PPPIE *Ci, *Ca, *Cu -> PPIE *Cy6, *C6, *Cw6 -> PIE *C^A, *CA, *CA
> where *A is the Ablautvokal (*e/*o/*Ø).
> PPPIE *Ci:,*Ca:, *Cu: -> PPIE *Cyi:. *Ca:, *Cwu: -> PIE *C^e:, *Ca:,
> Obviously, the circumflex (^) only applies to dorsals.
> How does _your_ scheme differ?

i:,i:,i (> ei, ei, i), u:, u:, u (> ou, ou, u) have variation in
length, so do e, o, zero; I'm not certain PPIE needs to have had both
short and long vowels (and cases of -iH- = -i:- and -uH- = -u:- (eg.
mu:s) may be 'provincialisms', 'unshifted' where otherwise -i:- > -ei-
and -u:- > -ou-, cf. the corresponding cases in Dutch with hu:s/mu:s
vs. hü:s/mü:s. But I don't have a finished theory.