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From: stlatos
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Date: 2008-01-25

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> I still think I gave plenty of ev. according to your descriptions of
> the theory with cross-branch agreement to raise serious doubts about
> any variation.

With this recent discussion it might be helpful to give an updated
list of contradictory ev. Almost all from cognates in 2+ branches,
most of it showing Po-mo or PuC-mo but anything relevant to any aspect
could be included. Ignore my own theories regarding PIE sounds if
necessary. Some ex. are more uncertain than others; even those I
disagree with are included for completeness of comparison:

*bher+ 'carry'
*bhormo+ 'burden, work' > G phormos, Skt bharma-

*bYher+ 'shape, fit together'
*bYhormo+ 'form' > L forma, G morphe:

*bhrevY+ 'flow, swirl around, spring forth'
*bhorbYmo+ 'spring' > Celt Bormo-/Borvo-

*bhudW(h)mo+ 'bottom'

*dhrougWhmo+ 'deception' > dream

*gWhormo+ 'warmth'

*gWhorsmo+ 'heat (of fire/sun?)' > Skt ghraMsa-; W gwrm 'dusky'

*pYleu+ 'flow, float, etc.'
*pYludhmo+? > L plumbum 'lead'

*prxtu+ > E ford
*por-x-tmo+? > G porthmos 'ferry'

*posmo+ 'swelling, fruit' > L po:mum

*potmo+? > E fathom

*pot-x-mo+? > G potamós 'river'

*pYtol-xY-mo+? 'shaking' > brandishing/battle

*pugmo+ > G pugme:, L pugnus

*srevY+ 'flow, run'
*sorbYmo+ 'flowing > swirling' > G rhombos 'spinning wheel,
bull-roarer, etc'

*topYmo+ 'heat' > W twym 'hot'

*von-x-mo+ 'desire' > OS wanum 'splendid'

*semY+ 'one, together'
*somYmo+ > Gmc *so:ma+ 'agreement'

*LomYmo+ 'depression, hollow' > Lt lo:~mas

*LoikWmo+ > Gmc *laixWna+

* or
* > Lt liepsna; Lv liesma 'flame'

*xWorbYhmo+ 'bereft' > Goth arms; G orphanós

*kWs.ep+ 'evening'
*unkWs.pmo+ > Lt unksme: / -unksne:, L
*unspmo+ >
*unfmo+ >
*umfno+ >
*umfro+ >
umbra 'shade'

*spoimo+??? >
Gmc *faima-, E foam; Lith spáine., Slav *pe^na, Skt pHéna-

If h3 = xW then also:


L columen
*kól-xW-mo+s kl,-xW-m,+ > OS holm 'hill'; Lt kálnas 'mt.'; G kolo:nós

If o>a by x and o>e by xY opt. maybe:

G empre:smos 'burning'

*spyaxmo+ > Av spa:ma- 'spittle'

*vraxdmo+ > EIr fre:m 'root'; L ra:mus 'branch'

Aside from the above, more possible Km > Kn.:

*d(e)ikYmYn.,+ > G dei~gma 'sensory evidence'
*dóíkYmó+ > Goth taikns 'sign'

*vYógYh exYè+ > *vYógYheyè+
*vYógYhexYtí+ > *vYógYhixYtí+
*vYógYhexYmYn.,+ > G óche:ma
*vYógYh-xY-mó+ > Gmc *wagana+; OIr fén; Lt vez^ìmas

*paL-x-mo+ > Skt pa:ní-

There are a few more than might be relevant, but are either
uncertain, complicated, or known from one branch. If anyone has any
theories for or against, any contradictory or helpful examples, I'd be
glad to see them.