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We are talking of two things:

1. I do not claim that Etruscans DID  come from India. I am only looking for connections, especially on the basis of two things: That their alphabet seems to be a mystery

it's not a mystery. The problem is we can read but we understand little.
I am not even convinced that current phonetic values are sure.
theta may in fact have its original value [t?] not like modern Greek th
and the Anatolia is connected with them,
You use "seems to be" and "is" in a strange way.
they only have alleged (and contradictory) connections with Anatolia

3.  Three years ago, I have tried to offer my own layman's code for Indus script.
We 're not sure it is a script.
The strangest thing is this script is attested only on decorative objects,
and never attested elsewhere on some useful and functional stuffs.
Usually people create a writing because it's useful...
It may be only decorative in the first place.

4. So far as Mayans are concerned, I have really taken the Hindu influences on the archeology of the Mayans for granted.  The only new hypothesis I was making is the Mayans are from India, belonging to the lineage of Maya.   I am too sure that I would be able to prove that or atleast deduce that in a more acceptable way. 
You seem to be convinced without even a hint of the shadow of data !?
Mayans and most central America speak languages with clear connections with Siberia. Compare for example : Fish : kara versus Uralic kal
House kalla versus Uralic (Ugric) kal

Coming to the sanskrit's influence on Mayans,  I would certainly make my comments elaborately based on what I have studied. If the reasoning is wrong, you can please point it out.

All said and done, such ideas need to be encouraged, just as this group did ,  to see the alternative truth.  If the ideas are wrong, they may  die in the natural course but they will certainly pave the way for seeing things in new light.
The problem is I (with other people) see no data, no reasoning, no framework,
and I am afraid the death of this "idea" is already a fact.

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> Dear Ualarauans,
> I really cant get you. Did I ever say that I am trying to prove
my hypothesis on the basis of language?

No, you didn't say that. You said that "[t]he sanskrit influences on
Mayans are beyond doubt" adding that "they [sc. Mayans] followed
their own languages and their own traditions".
[http://tech. com/group/ cybalist/ message/51454]
This is really something I can't get. Doesn't the term "Sanskrit"
refer to the LANGUAGE? Now, if you state that the influences of the
Sanskrit language on Mayans are beyond doubt, you must have some
good arguments of purely linguistic nature to support this thesis.
At least I believed so. I asked you to share this knowledge with the
group. And now I am answered that the person who claimed to have
made the greatest linguistic discovery since Prof. Hrozny is in fact
not a linguist (but that doesn't matter) and isn't even "trying to
prove his hypothesis on the basis of language" (sic!!!). I am lost.

> If you read some of my recent messages, unconnected with Mayans,
you will note that I am not a linguist.

And you think that this fact per se authorizes you to make claims
that "Lithuanians are from India", "Etruscans are from India" and
even "Indus people are from India" (which may be not so surprizing
but in this context stinks nevertheless) ?
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> sorry if you feel cheated,

Yes, I do. Sorry for being so naive.