Re: India first (Was: Etruscans)

From: kishore patnaik
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Date: 2008-01-23

Dear Ualarauans,
I really cant get you.  Did I ever say that I am trying to prove my hypothesis on the basis of language?
If you read some of my recent messages, unconnected with Mayans, you will note that I am not a linguist.
I have joined this group may be 4 years ago to learn linguistics the informal way to the extent it is useful for my studies.
Then I started pursuing my other interests and only recently, I came back to History.- not much has moved in the last 3 years.
sorry if you feel cheated,
kishore patnaik

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> Wild , baseless and blatantly needless speculation on my
personality and
> motives.

OK, then what are your motives? And, for the record, I said nothing
about your personality. Re-read my post.

> That there is some Hindu influence on the motifs and architecture
of Mayans
> is common knowledge.

Ah, it comes again... Who shares this knowledge besides yourself?

> The motifs of Lotus and Swastik are found in Mayan civilization
There is a
> picture from the Maya Codex Tro-Cortesianus. It shows a tortoise,
a central
> churning rod and a serpent being used as a rope by figures of dark
and light
> shade While the Greek scholars found it difficult to understand
> picture, any one who is conversant with Indian puranas would
> decpher this as depicting the mythological and cosmologically
> story of Ocean churning by Gods and Demons.
> Another example would be the serpent of sunlight and shadow seen
at Chichén
> Itzá. At the time of the equinoxes, as the Sun moves from east to
west, a
> pattern of light and shadow appears on the west balustrade of the
> stairway of the Castillo at Chichén Itzá. This display resembles a
> descending snake whose head is the monumental serpent head carved
out of
> stone at the foot of the stairs There are several famous and not
so famous
> temples in India which would play with the sunlight. That sun rays
touch the
> deity's image on a particular day or on a particular time of the

Your "decipherment" is absolutely arbitrary and proves nothing. And,
since we are on a linguistic list, I'm asking you again: please
present some linguistic proof for your theory.

> Ofcourse, most of the Indian scholars discussing the Hindu
influence on
> Mayans do dabble with the idea of connecting this culture with the
Maya of
> Indian mythology, but not on a very serious note.

Glad to hear it.

> It is my hypothesis and endeavour that such connection is avialble.

Then let us have a look at your arguments. Or say explicitly that
there's no detectable links between the Maya languages and Sanskrit
and that your theory is based exclusively on the "decipherment" of
pictures in Mayan codices.