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Date: 2008-01-22

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> Rom. puT& /puc&/ 'small penis' < Rom-Subtr. *putsa: < PIE *puk^-e-h2
> Marius
> ==========
> Some Uralic forms like Saami buoc^c^a "penis"
> tend to prove that PIE *pes- had in fact an affricate *pe-ts-
> (instead of -s-)
> What about *pots > *puts as substrate form for Romanian ?
> Arnaud

Erh, substrate?


I mean an I.E archaism of central PIE *pots from *p_ts
that could have been borrowed by Romanian when it settled there.
This area displays a rather high number of dz ts words
like briZa,
Easy, I don't mean Vasconic or the like.