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From: Patrick Ryan
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Date: 2008-01-22

Another unpleasant fact: there are very few black people' in the US.
Almost all so-called blacks (those not recently immigrated from overseas) have varying percentages of Caucasian genes; the technical term for this is mulatto. More accurate than "black is beautiful" would be "brown is beautiful".
Do you want me to apologize for using accurate terminology?
I have not told you anything about your daughter nor will I.
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"Mulatto" --I thought that word went out with Octoroon
IQ tests in the US are class based
People of the same income and social class level score
roughly the same regardless of color
My daughter, who is what you'd call an "octoroon" or
some such term scored almost perfectly on the SAT. But
from what you're telling me, I guess if she had a bit
more of the white stuff, she would have aced it.

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> Max, I do not know what group to which you belong
> nor do I care.
> Stating facts is not an expression of prejudice.
> If I say that American mulattoes consistently score
> lower on IQ tests than white (yesterday and today as
> well), or Asians, or Jews, is that prejudice? Or is
> it simple reportage?
> I do not know from where you are writing but many in
> the US are sick to death of Pollyanna's prescribing
> the mention of unwelcome or inconvenient facts.
> Live in your spun-sugar castle if you wish but I
> prefer to savor the air of free speech so long as
> the truth is its object.
> Patrick
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> This seems sufficient comment on the linguistic
> methods being applied by this investigator. He is
> not attacking any individual but entire groups of
> people.
> Max
> Patrick Ryan wrote:
> As for a 'dyke', a lesbian playing the masculine
> role, 'goat' is appropriate since they frequently do
> not bathe properly to imitate rough-and-ready lower
> class men. There is nothing quite so unpleasant as
> an unclean female's genital odor.
> and again:
> I have been interested in archaeology all of my
> life; and I am certain no credible evidence exists
> for believing that women invented agriculture

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