Re: Foxtail

From: stlatos
Message: 51771
Date: 2008-01-22

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> Maybe lauhmuni vs *leuksmn, and *luksna:x, etc., as well as the lack
> of sim. -ksmo- and -ksno- in Gmc. as opposed to Latin and Greek, etc.
> I also previously mentioned sim. to *bhudsmo+ > *bhutsmo+ > *buTsma+
> > *buTma+, *ekYspteryo+ > *ibridya+ > bridd, etc.
> This assumes that, for example, the root *wags+ formed *waxsmo+
> relatively late by analogy.

There's also *perkYsna:x > OHG forhana but dim. *perkYsn,kós > OIc