Re: ficken

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 51731
Date: 2008-01-21

--- In, Alexandru Moeller <alxmoeller@...>

> I have the question regarding the vocalism here not the one of the
> semantism since the meaning is in the same areal.. What about
the "u"
> in Albanian? I should have expected "y" here, not the "u". Or I
> forget something in the Albanian vocalism.
> Alex

Regarding the u
long u: > Romanian u <-> Alb. y (see: pyll versus p&dure)
short u > Romanian u <-> Alb. u (see: murg)

So everything is Ok, regarding put,a <-> puth phonetism:
PIE nil-grade *puk^- has a short u inside (see English fuck too)
from the full grade *peuk^-