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From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 51708
Date: 2008-01-21

--- In, Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> On 2008-01-20 23:03, Brian M. Scott wrote:
> > To account for <fuck> and Du. <vokken> 'to breed cattle' I
> > prefer Miguel's suggestion, *peug^-.
> I'd suggest a derivation ultimately from *peuk^- 'stick, punch,
> puncture', hence various words meaning 'prick(ly), spruce' etc.
> gives *peug^- as a variant, but Gk. pugmé:, Lat. pugnus 'fist' (if
> correctly assigned to the same etymon) may owe their /g/ to pre-
> voicing, frequent-to-regular in this position (both are thematic
> derivatives of *peuk^-mn. 'boxing' [or the like]). My scenario is
> follows: a Class IV (originally an intransitive fientive?) stem in
> Germanic developed in the following way: *puk^-nó:- > *fukko:- (via
> nasal assimilation); its "etymological meaning" was, more or less,
> 'punch away'. Like many other such verbs in Germanic, it soon
> a transitive meaning as well. In English, we would end up with
> *fukko:jan- > OE *fuccan > you know what.
> Piotr

...and once again, Piotr, 'following again' the Germanic <-> Romanian
Substratum cognates, this time 'we can see' a similar semantic
evolution in:

Rom. puT& /puc&/ 'small penis' < Rom-Subtr. *putsa: < PIE *puk^-e-h2


P.S. No need for "the invented" Latin-form *pu:tium