Re: ficken

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 51706
Date: 2008-01-21

On 2008-01-21 02:03, Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:

> From *sek-, we get *sek-mn. > Lat. segmen, but this one accidentally
> fails to form a corresponding thematic noun, so we can't see what it
> would be.

I have rounded up all such words directly attested in Latin. There are
only five of them (ignoring prefixations): agmen (*h2ag^-mn.), augmen
(*h2aug-mn.), sagmen (*sak-mn.), segmen (*sek-mn.), tegmen (*(s)teg-mn.).

One of them makes thematic derivatives in other branches: Gk. ógmos,
Skt. ájma (*h2óg^-mo-). I suspect the absence of the correspomning
*-gmus, *-gma words in Latin is due more to the rarity of the type there
than to anything else.