Re: Cluster kp- in Germanic

From: Patrick Ryan
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Date: 2008-01-01

There is _no_ Egyptian xf, 'face, pot'.
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I think it _may_ occur in the word for 'head'
> in Latin and Germanic. The idea is that a reduplicated structure like
> *ká-kp-ut-, thematised in pre-Germanic (*ka-kp-ut-ó- m), lost the *k in
> the ancestor of Lat. caput, while the Germanic development was
> > *kauputó- > *xauBuða-. The original meaning would have been
> like 'potsherd' (cf. the parallel semantic development of Lat. testa or
> Slavic *c^erpU),
> Piotr
Arnaud :
The meaning "pot" = face, head for a root like *k-p
also exists in Egyptian : x-f : face / pot.
This development looks very ancient,
it can be inherited and older than PIE.