Re: Similarities in Caucasian languages to Indo-European

From: etherman23
Message: 51033
Date: 2007-12-29

--- In, "C. Darwin Goranson"
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> Also, while searching through Tower-of-Babel's North Caucasian database,
> I was pleased to notice the reconstructions for the number 5,
> *f_ɦE and even moreso upon seeing the Proto-Sino-Caucasian
> reconstruction, *xŋwäHV. What pleased me was the similarity to
> the Indo-European *peŋkWe (the "W" should be superscript). If a
> parallel were to be made, one might suppose that the final syllable of
> the Proto-Sino-Caucasian was dropped, leaving something like
> *xŋwE; the ŋ would become syllabic, and later re-analysed
> as a zero-grade form. The *x would undergo a transformation similar to
> in North Caucasian, and become *p (perhaps strengthened from /f_/).

Also check out the reconstruction for two. Of especial interest is:
Adyghe .tW&
Kabardian .tW&

I'm reluctant to posit a genetic link between the language families,
but this does strike me as a possible borrowing into PIE.