Re: who are indus people?

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Date: 2007-12-28

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> > Do you have a list of supposedly substrate words ?
> > or internet reference ?
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> > >That the Indus people(s) were Dravidian speakers is, on the
> > >contrary, just one theory among many which is, moreover, not
> > >upported by the most recent studies on the substrate (= non-IE)
> > >words found in the earliest layers of the Rgveda. <Snip>
> Take a look at 'Substrate Languages in Old Indo-Aryan (Rgvedic, Middle
> and Late Vedic)'
> .

"The language belongs to the Munda family of languages. The Munda
family is spoken largely in eastern India, and related to some
Southeast Asian languages. Like Aryan, the reconstructed vocabulary of
early Munda does not reflect the Harappan culture. So its candidacy
for being the language of the Indus Civilization is dim."

"The main theories of their extinction are: 1)Natural disasters like
earthquakes or floods. 2)Climate changes due to deforestation.
3)Internal wars or poor administration. 4)External invasions from the
Aryans or other Central Asian hordes. 5)Last but not least
desertification of the Indus estuary,the retreat of the sea and parts
of the Indus clogging up with sand,leaving the early 5500bc Harrapa
civilization in ruins ."

M. Kelkar