Fw: [tied] Re: swallow vs. nightingale

From: tgpedersen
Message: 51014
Date: 2007-12-28

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> This does not answer my question about "water" at all.

What was the question?

> As regards the word "son",
> Chinese Sun1 is also strangely familiar.

Yes, but that's a different story.

> As for males and females not living in the same rooms,
> I visited 10 years ago a Hani family, in YunNan
> where sexes lived separated.
> It 's exotic and interesting but
> I still do not see where your references about "water" are about.

I can't see how that's relevant. The reference was not about sexes
being placed in separate rooms, but of two exogamous moieties placed
on opposite banks of rivers.