Res: Res: [tied] swallow vs. nighingale

From: Joao S. Lopes
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Date: 2007-10-20

Perhaps the Galaico-Portuguese metathesis erondinha>endorinha could be *erondem>*erondn-inha> *erondrinha > *erondorinha> alondorinha> aondorinha>andorinha ...

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> > How about Spanish golondrina?

> Spanish took the accusative hirundinem and made it, quite regularly,
> *erondre (like sanguinem, inguinem and amygdalam give Spanish sangre,
> ingle and almendra), whence *orondre (forward-assimilati on [by the
> tonic on next syllable]), *olondre (dissimilation) and *golondre (to
> distinguish it from the alondra -from Latin alauda, another bird- a
> distinction made possible by an anti-hiatus glide g-:

> Italian róndine is transparent, from erondine (< hirundinem), as is
> French aronde (< hirundo:). Galician anduriña/Portuguese andorinha are
> simply erondina (< Low Latin hirundi:na) plus metathesis erond- >
> endor- plus ananlogical end- > and-, by analogy with andar

But doesn't the form galondrina also exist? It seems that
*arondrina existed in Iberia first, with met. in Portuguese but
dissim. r>l, then contamination with gallina 'hen' in Spanish, then
(in most dia.?) assim. a-o > o-o.

It's possible that er > ar was an intermediate stage of er > r in
those environments where e>0 would occur, but was sometimes preserved
when met. or analogy occurred (or maybe it was just sporadic).

For example, *passero+ > pajaro (if *ssr wasn't allowed at the time,
so e>0 couldn't occur).

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