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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2007-10-13

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> > > Romanian cãciulã /c&c^ul&/ 'hat' / Alb kësulë 'id.
> > > should belong here too...
> > > and if so, this is more likely an IE-word rather than a Germanic
> > > substrate one.
> >
> > Erh, why? If you think so, what is its IE etymology?
> >
> Couldn't it be *kadh- 'to cover; guard': Latin cassis, -idis
> 'helmet', MIr cais 'love', mis-cuis 'hate': OHG huot, English hat:
> Alb kësulë (Rom cãciulã),

> beside Alb kacole 'kind of hat weaved together with the coat' <
> *kadh-s-,

Why not instead *katt-jo:- > Alb. kacole, Rom. cãciulã (> PGerm.
hatt-jo: > ON heita (same meaning), and *kass- > Alb. kësulë (not that
I'm familiar with the relevant rules for Albanian and Alb. loans in

> maybe related to *kat- 'to weave together'; Alb kas-olle 'hut,
> shed'.

Together with Eng. cot, German Kotte / WRomance *kasa / PGerm. xu:s
"house", so originally "a kind of yurt"?

If you try to join the Pokorny roots *kadh- and *kat-, Salmons'
criterion d applies:
"Some of the words show irregular sound correspondences between
languages or dialects, indicating separate borrowings which reflect
different sound substitution strategies or distinct but related source
which means Pokorny was wrong in assigning these two reconstructed
roots to PIE. Individually they are also suspect of being substrate by
the /a/-vocalism.

I just came across (in Dansk Etymologisk Ordbog)

Da hæs "large stack", No. hes, Sw. dial. häs, < proto-NGermanic
*hasjo:-, side form *hasjo:n- > No. hesje, Sw. hässja "rack for drying
hay"; of uncertain origin.

Da. hase, Sw. dial. has "hull of (hazel)nut", same word as [which
means??] Germ. Hose "pants", Da. hose "stocking", Eng. hose
[looks more like a case of NWBlock a/o-ablaut to me]

That way *kosul- > hazel Lat. corylus would be "the hooded (nut)"