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Date: 2007-10-09

It is probably more complicated that stated by Torsten.
As regards the word "wasp"
Standard French has "guêpe" [gep]
but Northern Artois French has [vep].
My grand-father said [vep] not **[gep].
And Northern French is more likely to be Germanic-influenced
than the rest of French dialects.
Some places in Pas-de-Calais have kept [w] down to modern-times
from either LAtin v or Germanic w.
Including le Waast < wakon or wast- that is being discussed in other mails.
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> But the /w/ > /g, v/ dichotomy is due to regional
> and/or diachronic considerations, right?

AFAIK Germanic loans in Old French (and in Western Romance in general)
had /w/ which later > /gW/ (> /g/), while Romance words had /v/, a
situation not unlike that of English. Words like *vad-/wad- "ford" and
*vas-/*was- "wetland" existed in both Romance and Germanic, so I
expect there would have been some hesitancy wrt choosing between /w/
and /v/ in them.