*Dyeus Ph2ter genealogy

From: Joao S. Lopes
Message: 48967
Date: 2007-06-13

I need your comments

Dyauh – unknown, but perhaps his origin was mingled with Kas^yapa, who was husband of Aditi. Aditi is sometimes seen as a Primordial Cow, linked to Surabhi, the cow of plenty (cf. Amalthea’s cornucopia).  

Ódinn – Börr’s son and grandson of Buri, who was licked out from salty ice by cow Audhumla

Zeus – son of Kronos and Rhea, but fed by Amalthea goat’s milk.

Iu:piter – son of Saturnus and Ops (Greek influence); son of Fortuna Primigenia, the “Mother of Gods”.

It seems that the PIE Dyeus was son of the Primordial Cow...

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